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Dianne Ghiraj-Castor, LMHC   

Fondateur + superviseur clinique

Dianne est une psychothérapeute sans jugement, compatissante et culturellement compétente qui utilise des approches thérapeutiques éclectiques qui incluent des entretiens psychodynamiques, cognitivo-comportementaux, motivationnels, des stratégies axées sur les solutions et une thérapie centrée sur le client. Dianne se spécialise dans le traitement des individus allant de l'enfance à l'âge adulte ainsi que des couples. Elle travaille avec des personnes souffrant de dépression, d'anxiété, de traumatismes, de facteurs de stress relationnels, de problèmes de comportement ainsi que d'autres difficultés. Dianne favorise un environnement sécuritaire et accueillant qui donne aux clients l'espace dont ils ont besoin pour discuter ouvertement de leurs défis. Dianne croit que la thérapie est une approche collaborative dans laquelle elle guide les clients vers leurs objectifs identifiés.

Katherine Estevez Headshot.heic

Katherine Estevez, LMHC

Superviseur clinique

Ma formation comprend un baccalauréat en développement humain de l'Université SUNY Binghamton et une maîtrise en conseil en santé mentale de l'Université SUNY Albany. J'ai commencé ma carrière en 2015 en tant que conseillère en toxicomanie. Le conseil est le passage pour aider mes clients à apprendre des solutions à leurs problèmes. Avec une approche interactive, chaleureuse et accueillante, j'ai aidé les clients à trouver une perception saine d'eux-mêmes. Aucune approche unique n'est la bonne pour tout le monde, et j'ai donc été formé à diverses modalités, notamment l'entretien motivationnel, la TCC et la REBT, entre autres. 

Trinace Sass, LMHC

My goal is to empower my clients and help them work towards becoming a more confident and healthier version of themselves. I offer compassionate and judgement free support where clients are the center of their healing. I have extensive experience working with adolescent and adults with Anxiety, Depression and Addiction. My practice also includes working with individuals who have health concerns, family conflict and relational issues. The modalities I specialize in are Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Person Centered Therapy. As your therapist, I will help you to explore and implement coping skills needed to obtain your goals. 


Natalie Schettini, LMHC


Through my time as a research assistant aiding to conduct studies on the effects of racial discrimination, I became motivated to be a direct support for those in need of mental health resources. As a child of Black immigrants, I believe in the importance of being able to provide clients with a counselor who is culturally sensitive. I make it my primary mission to foster a warm environment with a client first in order to ensure safety and trust. I promote a safe healing environment for individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds using CBT and Psychodynamic Therapy. We will work on creating your best self by learning triggers, accepting the past, and incorporating coping skills in order to overcome emotional distress. I have experience counseling teenagers, young and middle-aged adults. I have helped clients manage their anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship conflict, and other life stressors.

Elyse Fox Headshot_edited.jpg
Elyse Fox, MHC-LP

Elyse est une thérapeute ouverte, empathique et chaleureuse. Elyse se concentre sur le fait de poser des questions ouvertes pour vous permettre de diriger votre session et de mieux adapter chaque plan thérapeutique à l'individu. Elle se concentre sur les techniques de pleine conscience ici et maintenant; Thérapie cognitivo-comportementale; et thérapie humaniste. Elyse vous fournira un espace chaleureux et invitant pour explorer les défis de votre vie et donner un sens à vos situations actuelles. Elle est une écoute attentive qui vous aidera à mieux vous comprendre et à tolérer les pensées stressantes. Elyse a obtenu sa maîtrise en counseling en santé mentale et sa maîtrise en psychologie médico-légale du John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Elle a travaillé dans des établissements hospitaliers et des milieux communautaires, menant des séances de counseling de groupe et individuelles. Son travail le plus récent a porté sur l'aide aux personnes en crise et sur le travail avec les personnes incarcérées souffrant d'une maladie mentale grave. 

Breanna Headshot.jpeg
Breanna Hira, MHC-LP

I have experience working with groups and individuals. I worked for 2 years at a clinic where I helped adults of all ages with numerous different backgrounds and life experiences. My goal is to utilize the best therapy techniques based on your needs. I try to take a person-centered approach; this means you are in charge of your treatment. For example, I will never push skills or conversations on you that you know won't be helpful. I will never guarantee a skill will work, I feel it's my job to educate you, encourage you to try new things, with the awareness that some things do not work for everyone. My specialties include DBT, CBT, Art Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Somatic Therapy. I understand I am not the right therapist for everyone but I will always give you 100 percent of what I have to offer. Breanna is being supervised by Katherine Estevez. 

Sheriese headshot_edited.jpg
Sheriese Sanchez, MHC-LP

Sheriese’s mission is to serve as a dedicated resource for those struggling with personal conflict and emotional distress. Although she utilizes a multimodality approach, her passion, and empathy are reflected in her unbiased person-centered approach. Through her life experiences, she has learned to reach people where they are—empowering them emotionally, triggering self-awareness, and facilitating a personal growth process that fosters clarity of mind and healing. Sheriese areas of expertise include addiction recovery, emotional intelligence, and spiritual well-being. Sheriese has a BS in Behavioral Science, a MA in Mental Health Counseling, and an Executive Certificate in advanced research Psychology. Sheriese is being supervised by Katherine Estevez. 

Diana Talavera-Garofalo, MHC-LP

Diana is a mental health counselor who received a MSEd master's degree in mental health counseling and BA in psychology from Hunter College. Diana’s clinical experience includes working with individuals from various backgrounds and cultures dealing with anxiety, depression, self esteem, stress, relationship issues, substance use, recovery, life transitions, grief, and trauma. Diana offers an authentic therapeutic style that is compassionate, empathic, respectful, and supportive, a method that provides integrative approaches to counseling which is collaborative and nonjudgmental. Diana’s theoretical orientation includes elements of cognitive behavioral, person centered, psychodynamic therapy, strengths based, trauma focused, and mindfulness strategies. Her goal is to provide clients with a safe and healthy space to explore themselves and gain deeper insight into their emotions, experiences, thoughts, and relationships. During sessions, she will honor her client’s individuality and respond with authenticity and warmth as they embark on their therapeutic journey.  Diana is being supervised by Dianne Ghiraj-Castor.

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